Arcade in Suffolk County, NY

You might as well sit down, grab a drink, and take a few minutes to relax. Once your kids get a load of our arcade, they’re going to be begging to play – and why not let them? With shooting games, driving games, prize games, basketball, skee ball, and more, our arcade has something for everyone. 

Who knows? You might just want to put that drink down and join the fun.

The Arcade Experience You Remember – Only Better

We’ve got all the great games you remember from when you were a kid, plus some of today’s hottest favorites. Even better, we’ve improved on the arcade experience of the past. Remember those miles of tickets that the old games used to spit out when you won? They took forever to count, and they just went into the trash at the end of the day. No more. We’ve switched to e-tickets that are saved on the players’ game cards. Now your kids can have a “credit card” just like you, and you don’t have to worry about counting out all those tickets.

See for yourself why everyone on Long Island is talking about the arcade at The All Star. Make sure you stop by when you come in to bowl!
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