Social Bowl

Social Bowl

Bowling Leagues & Other Fun Things to Do in Suffolk County, NY

Bowling on your own is great at The All Star. With 22 lanes, black lights, glow-in-the-dark lanes, and the best music and music videos of today, how couldn’t it be? But some people enjoy bowling in company, and we have just the thing for them.

The All Star is home to a number of different bowling leagues and other fun things to do for Riverhead, NY and Suffolk County, NY. Whether you’re bowling with your kids, trying to make new friends or trying to find fun things to do, we have just the place for you. Check out our leagues below, and be sure to drop by or call (631) 904-0580 if you have any questions.

The All Star Bowling Leagues for the Riverhead, NY Area

Leagues Forming Now!


Senior League: Starting at 1:00 PM

Special Olympic Bowl: Every Monday at 4:30 PM

Rolling Thunder: All You Can Bowl (including shoes) for just $15! 8:00 PM – Close.


Buy 1st game at regular price and each add'l game is only $2.00!


Ladies' League: 4-person teams starting at 10:00 AM

Mixed League: 3-person teams starting at 7:00 PM


Rolling Thunder: All You Can Bowl (including shoes) for just $15! 8:00 PM – Close.

Do you like to bowl but don't see a group that sparks your interest? Make your own league! Email our league coordinator, using the subject line "Make my own league," and we'll do our best to find something that works for you. You can start a league between friends or among coworkers – whatever makes you happy. 

All Adult Leagues run around $20 per person per week. Games will run on an 11-point system. Registered alternates are allowed.

Can't make the first week? Let us know to make room for you and come the second week! See you soon!
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